Who Should Attend DIT?

Whether you’re a student in training to become more advanced or if you’re a blossoming entrepreneur who knows potential when they see it, training in cellular repair will enhance your position and expand your offerings in today’s wireless market.

  • Students and/or Technicians who enjoy the electronics industry and have a desire to develop and hone in on perfecting their current skills should seek out a DIT Program.
  • Computer Technicians looking to expand there resume to start understanding and repairing more difficult devices.
  • DIY Technicians that would like to have a better understanding of how to diagnose, treat and/or repair electronic devices.
  • Students looking to gain solid understanding of troubleshooting and repair skills to service manufactured devices in the marketplace.
  • Students who are skilled in disassembling and reassembling devices without causing damage.
  • Students ready to advance your services outside of basic cosmetic repairs and grow in the repair field. You want to learn how to fix water damage devices, and need to learn how to solder to repair damaged circuit board components.
  • Students who identify and can repair all detachable components: LCD, Glass Digitizers, Power Buttons, Soldering, Flex Ribbon Cables, Speakers, Antennas and many other removable components from the circuit board accurately.
  • Businesses tired of turning away customers because your Techs need more training or you are tired of being turned down because you need more training.
  • You want to make more money and gain more technical creditability for your future career interests with a DIT Certificate.
  • You are a Wireless Sale Representative and you would like to learn more about the devices in which you are selling.


There are many reasons to attend DIT!  Jump-start your new advancements today!


New business potential for in the cellular repair industry is a natural outcome of the speedy advances in mobile wireless, game and handheld technologies. Now is the time to learn about and trainings offered at DIT to reap the rewards of a profession that is fast becoming a mainstay in today’s world.




After DIT Career Opportunities:

After your courses with DIT you can market your new talents and knowledge to your business community. The Opportunity is now to Learn with DIT and Launch Your New Living Today!

  • Technical Clerk
  • Sales Technician
  • Game Console Specialist
  • Apple Technician
  • Android Technician
  • Master Cell Phone / Smartphone Technician

  • Principal Technician
  • Console Technician
  • Wireless Technologies Troubleshooter
  • Wireless Sale Executive
  • Master Tablet Technician
  • And so many more…